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Transform Your Florida Landscape: Fall Landscaping Tips from JSJ Unlimited

By Chase Gregory | November 3, 2023

As the leaves begin to change color and a crisp breeze fills the air in many parts of the country, Florida enjoys a unique version of autumn. While we may not experience the dramatic foliage changes of northern states, fall in the Sunshine State still brings its own set of opportunities for landscaping enthusiasts. JSJ…

JSJ 5 Tips for greener grass.

5 Tips For Greener Grass

By Chase Gregory | September 11, 2023

A lush, green lawn is the envy of every homeowner, but achieving that vibrant carpet of grass can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are eco-friendly ways to achieve a greener lawn that not only enhances your curb appeal but also supports a healthier environment. In this article, we’ll explore five tips to help you achieve…

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Beautify Your Yard with Natural Stones and Boulders

By Chase Gregory | May 15, 2023

We place great value on beautifying and adorning our inside spaces, yet strangely we often forget our outside spaces in the process. If we took a long look back over the last three to four years, we would feel that now is the moment when everyone has come to understand why we need to spend time…

Jungle Growth soil and weed fabric to grow an herb garden from JSJ Unlimited Landscape Supply

Start Your Own Herb Garden Today

By JSJ Unlimited LLC. | May 17, 2022

We have all the materials needed to create your own herb garden! Starting with: 35- large river rounds1- roll filter fabric 1/2 yard brown river rock 9- bags jungle grow Total Cost $549.05 plus tax. *Labor and herbs not includedStop by Monday-Friday to purchase the materials.

Magnolia Flower Tree

Benefits of Planing a Magnolia Tree in Your Yard

By JSJ Unlimited LLC. | January 18, 2022

Magnolia trees are very symbolic and carry a lot of different meanings. Magnolia Trees symbolize  nobility, perseverance, beauty, purity, endurance, love of nature, health, joy, and others. What this tree represents in the life of people cannot be overemphasized and they are believed to have great meaning to those who have them around them.  Magnolias…

Yard with mulch from JSJ Unlimited Landscape Supply

Benefits of Adding Mulch to Your Front Yard

By Chase Gregory | October 22, 2021

Have you ever considered adding mulch to your front lawn? Mulch suppresses weeds and makes weeds that sprout easier to pull. It slows water evaporation from soil, so you don’t have to water as often and  it insulates soil against temperature extremes. Mulch is to the soil above ground what compost is to plants below…

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Some Easy Ways You Can Increase Curb Appeal

By Chase Gregory | June 19, 2021

First of all its important to establish what curb appeal really is.. By definition it is the attractiveness of the exterior of a residential or commercial property, as viewed from the street. Curb appeal can increase value your home or business as well as give you and the neighbors some beautiful to look at when…

Healthy grass with soil from JSJ Unlimited Landscape supply

Healthy Soil is The Key to a Healthy Lawn

By Chase Gregory | June 10, 2021

No matter the type of grass you have on your property one huge underlying factor can be the difference between a beautiful lawn and a discolored, dry lawn; soil. Learning as much as you can about the soil on your property can help you maintain a lush, green lawn and implement plants and trees that…

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April is National Lawn Care Month

By Chase Gregory | April 17, 2020

National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) dedicated April as National Lawn Care Month. American backyards are where toddlers learn to kick a ball, where teenagers play flashlight tag under the glow of the moon, where pets roam and where busy adults sink into hammocks and patio chairs to unwind. Thanks to JSJ Unlimited and the…

Custom Made Chair for by JSJ

New Hand Made Wood Furniture at JSJ Unlimted

By JSJ Unlimited LLC. | March 6, 2020

JSJ Unlimited is now selling hand made wood outdoor furniture!  See Prices Below, Require Via Phone or Stop Into JSJ Unlimited. Twin Chair Set: 2 Wood Chairs and Side Table/Footrest – $175 With Cushions – $250 Single Chair Set: 1 Wood Chair with Side Table/Stool – $175 Large Pallet Table with Wheels – $95 Wood…