April is National Lawn Care Month

National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) dedicated April as National Lawn Care Month. American backyards are where toddlers learn to kick a ball, where teenagers play flashlight tag under the glow of the moon, where pets roam and where busy adults sink into hammocks and patio chairs to unwind.
Thanks to JSJ Unlimited and the millions of industry professionals the lawns and landscapes that provide a backdrop for these memories are a family staple for this generation and those to come. They are good for our health, good for our communities, and good for the environment. 
JSJ Sod Supply Yard
Research shows that just looking at plants and trees, even through a window, can reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Get your property looking its best with landscape products from JSJ Unlimited, LLC.  
Whether new plants, flowers or transitioning into sod for your yard we have the knowledge and expertise to bring your vision to life.
Landscaping can also act as natural coolants. Lawns can be 31 degrees cooler than asphalt and 20 degrees cooler than bare soil. Trees shading homes can reduce attic temperatures by as much as 40 degrees.
 These natural coolants reduce the need for electric cooling units, saving energy and reducing electric bills. Aside from cooling, It is estimated that a 50 by 50 foot lawn or 2,500 square feet, releases enough oxygen for a family of four, while absorbing carbon dioxide, hydrogen fluoride and other beneficial gases. 
Here at J.S.J. Unlimited, LLC we take great pride in making sure that all of your needs are taken care of right the first time. We have been in business for over five years and look forward to many more to come. J.S.J. Unlimited, LLC offers high-quality work performed by qualified professionals.
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