Healthy Soil is The Key to a Healthy Lawn

No matter the type of grass you have on your property one huge underlying factor can be the difference between a beautiful lawn and a discolored, dry lawn; soil. Learning as much as you can about the soil on your property can help you maintain a lush, green lawn and implement plants and trees that will thrive as well. Thus making it more enjoyable to look at your yard and increasing your curb appeal.

Soil affects crops, animals, and plant growth.Soil quality has everything to do with water quality, which means it impacts all kinds of life. The plants in your garden and the crops on your farm all need quality soil in order to stay healthy and grow properly. Low quality soil will stunt the growth of these plants and crops, which can kill off your garden or lead to a disappointing harvest. Certain types of wildlife also depend on soil and the nutrients and water that can be found within it, and it’s up to us to manage our lawns and keep our soil healthy.
Healthy soil increases production efficiency.We’re producing more food and fiber than we were in the past, and we’re using less space to do it. This is all thanks to healthy, quality soil. Better soil means more efficient production, and it also leaves more room for timber and wood.

Soil contains billions of microorganisms.There are more than seven billion people alive today, which is just a tiny fraction of the number of microorganisms in the world. There is such an unfathomable number of microorganisms in existence that there are more microorganisms in a single spoonful of soil than there are people in the world. While it’s our responsibility to maintain our lawns and give our grass the nutrients it needs, it is many of these microorganisms that help us measure the quality of the soil.

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