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Don't get us wrong, we believe the new Provista St. Augustine sod is the next best thing since sliced bread, but we offer many other different types of grass too like Zoysia and Bahia.

Call to see what is in season or stop by for freshly cut sod sold by the square or by the pallet.

Sod is a "living thing" and is sold as a living thing. We are not responsible for grass dying or turning color after delivery and pick-up.  Please see our release below.

Print and send back -->Release of Sod


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All sod is cut and sold fresh and we do not offer returns on old sod for any full or discounted amount.

This goes without exception, whether your sod was bought 20 minutes or 2 days ago, all sales are final.

For this reason, it is important to properly measure and order your sod.

There is no expressed or otherwise implied warranty on our turf.

Sod must be properly installed and given adequate care especially during the adjustment period after installation.

We cannot accept responsibility for sod that is falling apart, improper installation, inadequate care, weather or other conditions beyond our control.

If you are picking up sod from our location, you are welcome to choose your desired pallet.


Thank you,

JSJ Unlimited


Release of Sod