The Do’s and Don’ts of Sod and Lawncare

• Don’t let your sod sit on the pallet for more than 24 hrs. Ideally, sod should be installed the same


Don’t try to treat your lawn yourself for pest control, fertilization, or disease. It is a complex

process that should be done by a licensed professional. As you are aware, sod is not cheap and

without proper care, you will be throwing your money down the drain.

Don’t over water your lawn. Too much water, especially in shady areas, can produce fungus in

your lawn. However, with proper treatment right after the sod is installed, the chances of problems

with your lawn are minimized.

Don’t sit back after your sod is installed and just assume that’s it. Continued aftercare is critical to

protecting your investment and having a great looking lawn.

Don’t wait more than 14 days to mow your lawn.


Do install your sod the same day when possible, but no later than 24 hours from the time of

delivery. If we are installing it for you, we’ll handle this.

Do have proper irrigation and pest control setup prior to install. If you wait to shop around after

install, it could be a week or two before someone comes out. It is critical to have proper irrigation

and pest control from the start.

Do hire a licensed professional to care for your lawn. The cost is cheap compared to your initial

investment. They have the knowledge of what your lawn requires and when.

Do read the bottom of your estimate. We will deliver/install your new sod in healthy condition,

however our liability terminates upon your acceptance. You are responsible for the continued care

of your sod.

These potential problems are very common in our state. Again, hiring a professional is highly recommended

as it is cheaper to prevent-these problems then correcting them. Check out the following web sites to learn

about issues that could happen to your sod.

– - (discusses Pythiam root rot)

- (discusses sod web worms)

– -http://creatures.ifas.ufl.edi/orn/turf/southern chinch bug.htm (discusses chinch bugs)

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