First Annual JSJ Bicycle and Toy Drive

We have had so much support this year from our community and we thought it would be great to give back. A bicycle and toy drive is our way to say thank you to the people who care, and to the people that have very little, but give what they can.

Our goal is to take donations of toys and bicycles from anyone who has such a heart to do so, and give it to the families in Lake County in need. Upon a donation, JSJ Unlimited will give the donator a cash value gift certificate towards products and services from JSJ Unlimited.

Bicycles: $25 Value*
Toys: $10 Value*

Other drop off locations include the Groveland Police/Fire departments, and Lake Catherine Blueberry.

Our family hopes to see you before Christmas to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

*Valued at JSJ Unlimited LLC.

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